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"I am here for all People within Senate District 35. I will fight relentlessly against government corruption when elected to Colorado Senate. Please fight for me now so I can fight for the People of Senate District 35.. Thank you for your support. Words cannot express my gratitude to the residents of our District."



Travis has stepped up to fight rampant corruption within the local Water Conservancy Districts, and call out
the crooked State water officials who have worked hand in hand with these Water Districts to attack,
abandon, and steal water rights from the local ranchers and farmers within Senate District 35. Our water
is our lifeblood for agriculture and economic development in this District. Travis refuses to stand by while
these corrupt State actors work under Colorado of State Law to attack our private water rights. These
Districts and the Division of Natural Resources are using property taxes paid by farmers and ranchers to
attack the water rights owned by the People. Enough is enough! When elected, Travis will bring a bill to
Colorado Senate to reallocate the tax revenue being received by Water Conservation Districts, to be used
on ranches and farms to make repairs, optimize water, and prevent abandonment of our precious
private water rights.



Travis is an ardent supporter of your 2nd Amendment Rights and makes a pledge to never support any bill
that restricts our right to bear arms. Travis recognizes the need for firearms for self defense in these
dangerous times, and understands that many Rural Colorado residents depend on their rifles to hunt and
feed their families. Travis believes that our Right to Bare Arms is the biggest safeguard from the tyranny of our
government. When Travis is elected to Colorado Senate, He will sponsor a bill to have Hunters Safety classes accessible for all Colorado high schools statewide.


Travis will fight in the Colorado State Senate to make sure ALL residents of Senate District 35 have access to affordable, quality healthcare whenever they are in need.


Travis understands the economic and educational power Senate District 35 would benefit from with better broadband internet. With COVID-19 forcing many residents to work from home, residents in  Senate District 35 struggled with internet issues, just because they are in rural Colorado. Travis plans to fight for Senate District 35, to unleash Economic and Educational opportunities in creating better broadband for residents in Senate District 35.


Travis is appalled by what our two-party political system has become. Travis refuses to attack his opponents
in this upcoming General Election based on party lines. Travis instead challenges his opponent to work beside him in
an act of bipartisanships over the upcoming campaign to help him fight against those who would attempt to attack, abandon, and steal the private water rights of our landowners. Travis believes we can bring real change here to Colorado if we are able to work across party lines.

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